Welcome to Meriza's page.

Finally, I get to create my own webpage after a really long time, contemplating about it, postponing it, changing my mind about it, whatever!

I work in a tiny software development team, PocketCraft Software, as NOT a programmer. We are so small that we kinda do everything together, except that I don't program. But I know what's going on with the development team because I am expected to know. Besides, I can claim myself as part of the development team by criticizing their work and software design. See! I contribute to something!

Anyway, I created this page mainly because of work. Since we are pretty new and small, we learn a lot from reading books and other people's experiences while going through the experiences ourselves. From time to time, I would look back through my articles and see where I can improve, where I went wrong or right, and what ideas I can use and expand and such.

A little bit about myself.

I'm quite a private person, but I talk a lot! Heeheehee! I guess you can say that I'm quite the typical 24 year old though some days I feel that I am too childish to be 24! I graduated from university two summers ago in 2002 from University College London with a degree in Economics. I was lucky to pull it through considering how 'lost' I was at uni. But the three years I had could had been said the best days of my life! 'nuff that already!

After graduating, I came back to my home country Malaysia and got a job as an auditor. I totally hated it and quit after a month. I continued the work I had at PocketCraft Software which I did as a hobby while waiting for my results and working at UCI Surrey Quays, London as a crew member, and job hunting.

It's almost two years since we started this tiny software 'company' (we incorporated it in late 2003). It has been hectic for us as we were doing different things almost everyday! Almost like a roller coaster ride! But everyday has its sweet moments, and as one of the founders of PocketCraft Software, I cherished every moment of it!

What's going to be in this page?

Mainly, I'm going to add articles of my experiences and ideas while at PocketCraft Software, mainly pertaining to marketing, customer relationship management, pricing, software development (from a non-programmer's point of view) and everything else.

At the side though, I'm going to add a little bit of fun from 'The Diary of a City Girl - City Girl's Survival Tips in the Kampung'. My tips on how to handle the life in the kampung (English: countryside or village), what to expect, and especially how to handle stress from members of your family (from the kampung or not).

Also, I'm going to add a lovely photo album of me and my cat, Hobbes. I love him so much and have never left him. Hobbes is everywhere with me - in the shower, bedroom, office!

Please e-mail me!

Sometimes my insecurities as a woman takes over me. I feel so lonely in this universe especially in my work. I would certainly like to hear your suggestions of my articles, my work and your experiences.

Okay, ciao!

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