A Simple Life...


UCL - Understanding the Past, Challenging the Present - all in the name of fun! (1999 - 2002)

Relaxing at the Computer Lab - can't believe we're still using Windows '95! (2002)

My car.... can't believe how small it is... no airbags too!!!




My Cat Hobbes...

He is half-persian, half something else. But I think a more accurate categorization of him would be Silver Tabby Long Haired Cat.

Official birthday: October 16 2003.

Real Birthday: Unknown




Our old office, but we moved out because it was broadband unfriendly. (2003)

The Condo I rented with my self-earned money. Moved out of parents house as soon as I came back to Malaysia. Pressure living at home! It can be hell!!!! (2004 - third condo)