'Turning' a Disgruntled Customer

As a person handling customer support like myself, what can more be frustrating than servicing a 'disgruntled' and an impatient customer. But day, after day, I would meet people who land on my mail box and only thing they know is demand, Demand and DEMAND IT NOW!

As a newbie in customer support, I try to work my way around this positively by always servicing with a smile. However, recently,what I saw from one Customer Service DVD, made me look differently at a 'Disgruntled Customer'.

A Disgruntled Customer is like a penny from Heaven. Why? He comes up to you feeling angry and aggitated demanding his problem be solved right now! This is your chance to 'turn' him into a loyal customer.

Give Disgruntled Customer the service he wants and go beyond his expectations. Answer in a polite and friendly manner. In cases like these, sometimes it is difficult for me to keep my cool (as also being one of the only people answering to the calls of customer and doing everything else!). Be professional. Remember: It's easier turning a disgruntled customer into a loyal one, than to create them!

Happy Servicing!

8.45 pm. September 10, 2004